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make a party
Mare Island Sunset


phew. 8 lives left

crazy times we live in

A Miscellany of Le Tour de France - Day 22
1928 For the first time Australasia entered with a team of four including the esteemed Australian rider Hubert Opperman.
Opperman tells a tale of when he left his teammates to ride solo. “I approached a rider after many hours on my own and ventured some words in French, ‘C’est dur’ (it’s hard), but a grunt came back. I spoke again and again was ignored.
”So I said sarcastically in French ‘It’s dark, and you are too tired to talk’. I was startled by the reply ‘Shut up, you Froggie gasbag – I can’t understand a flaming word you’ve been jabbering’.
I had been unwittingly riding with my teammate Bainbridge all the while”.
Every day until the Grand Depart, we’ll be sharing 100 stories from the last 100 years, a design per day until the greatest show on earth begins. You can see the full set of stories, and purchase postcards and prints, at
One more from #marinmarathon earlier today. #thepete and Jaclyn have supported me at many many races the past few years. It was a real treat return the favor. (at McNears Beach)
#thepete finishing strong at the #marinmarathon half marathon. First race on dirt! (at McNears Beach)
Up and at em (at nike site)



oudenaarde, australia.

For some reason, I find this disturbing.

Ok, this one is fucking with my minds

Don’t be so grief. Good kits arnut so hard to finde.
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Top fruit producing states based on 2010 acreage

Chart data: “Map with 51 items. CA is 51. Value is in the 19 - 51 range. FL is 19. Value is in the 19 - 51 range. MI is 4. Value is in the 4 - 10 range. NY is 3. Value is in the 2 - 3 range. OR is 2. Value is in the 2 - 3 range. PA is 1. Value is in the 1 range. TX is 1. Value is in the 1 range. WA is 10. Value is in the 4 - 10 range. WA 10% OR 2% NY 3% MI 4% PA 1% CA 51% TX 1% FL 19% Source: USDA, Economic Research Service using data from USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service, Citrus Fruits 2010 Summary and Noncitrus Fruits and Nuts 2009 Preliminary Summary. back back”

We are fruitiest